New Skate game announced at EA Play

New Skate game announced at EA Play

19th June 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Electronic Arts recently hosted its EA Play event to reveal an array of upcoming games, which included a new entry to the beloved Skate franchise.

The third instalment was released 10 years ago, and fans have been desperate for a follow-up ever since.

While there have been many rumours of a new addition over the years, ultimately, they never amounted to much.

However, game director Deran Chung and creative director Cuz Parry revealed during EA Play that a new Skate game is finally happening.

Given how the PS5 and Xbox Series X are scheduled for release this year, some had hoped the next game would arrive at the same time.

Unfortunately, the game itself is in the earliest stages of development and so there has been no release date provided for it.

Additionally, there was no gameplay footage shown and the pair were coy about whether this is Skate 4, or a spin-off game.

“We’ve been waiting years, honestly, to make the right game at the right time with the right idea, and I’m really, really pleased to say that we’re here,” said Chung.

Perry then added: “We got a long way to go, but we’re stoked. And this is just the beginning.”

The news will certainly be exciting for skateboarding enthusiasts, though, as it is in the earliest stages of development, it will likely be some years before the game debuts.

Nonetheless, Skate 3 is widely heralded as cult classic and the news will no doubt have many fans eagerly awaiting further details on the new project.

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