Pokémon card sells for a mind-boggling $195,000

Pokémon card sells for a mind-boggling $195,000

29th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

One of the most unique, valuable and rare Pokémon trading cards on the market has sold for a remarkable $195,000.

Before video game systems became commonplace, trading card games (TCG) reigned supreme – particularly with one of the most successful franchises in history.

Even today, cards from this era sell for a remarkable amount of money, as this most recent auction highlights.

The ‘Pikachu Illustrator’ card – released in 1998 – was only ever given out to a handful of exclusive competition winners. And one of the rare cards recently went under the hammer for a little less than the price of a US house.

Its official name is the ‘Pokémon Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card, 1998’, or ‘Pokémon Illustrator’ for short, and described by rare card-hunters as the ‘Pikachu Illustrator’.

As implied by its less formal name, it features the fan-favourite pocket monster as the image. It also has inherent scarcity because it was never sold to the public. They were exclusively given as prizes for winning an illustration contest conducted through CoroCoro Comic.

It is the only Pokémon card to boast the word ‘Illustrator’ at the top of a ‘trainer card’ and the only one to don a pen symbol in the bottom right corner.

The artwork was done by Atsuko Nishida.

Three first place winners received a copy while an additional 20 second-place winners also obtained one – more cards were awarded in two extra contests in the same year.

There was a maximum of 39 released.

It is not known how many still exist – but only 10 PSA certified ones are known. However, it is thought there could be many counterfeits on the market.

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