Rumour: Kingdom Hearts TV show in development for Disney+

Rumour: Kingdom Hearts TV show in development for Disney+

22nd May 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Disney will be creating a TV show based on Kingdom Hearts to add to its streaming service, according to recent reports.

If true, it is not too surprising to see the entertainment giant capitalise on the series, considering many of its classic characters are in the franchise.

The first game – released back in 2002 – detailed the adventures of Sora who was accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy.

Throughout the narrative, the trio visit many famous Disney worlds all the while seeking the protagonist’s lost friends and the missing Mickey Mouse.

As the series progressed, it gradually unwrapped more and more secrets about its own world, though the Disney elements never left.

Details on the Kingdom Hearts TV show are still scarce. Though, it is believed it will continue tradition and follow Sora, Donald and Goofy.

However, the rumblings do not shed light on whether the adaptation will detail the games, manga or an original story.

Developer Square Enix’s involvement is likewise unclear, which adds doubt on the inclusion of Final Fantasy (FF) characters.

FF is another one of the studio’s IPs and characters from the series have appeared in nearly every entry to Kingdom Hearts.

It would make sense for mastermind Tetsuya Nomura to be involved with the show’s development, particularly when he tends to turn spin-offs into canonical material.

Fans have been longing for a TV show adaptation for 20 years and the premise way well be enough to get him interested.

The reports emerged from sources close to WeGotThisCovered who note the same leakers revealed the upcoming Robin Hood and She-Hulk Disney+ shows.

However, until Disney or Square Enix confirm the news themselves, it remains unclear if the show will ever come to fruition.

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