Squillakilla completes first ever Dark Souls no-damage run

Squillakilla completes first ever Dark Souls no-damage run

22nd January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

The first-ever Dark Souls all bosses no-damage run has been completed by no-hit veteran Squillakilla.

Few in the Soulsborne community possess both the skill and determination to grind hard challenges over and over again. Across the years many historic runs have been completed by the likes of The Happy Hob, FaraazKhan, SquillaKilla, GinoMachino, Otzdarva and so on.

With the likes of Hob having completed the ‘God Run’ (beating all five games back to back without taking a hit) there are scarcely many feats left to conquer.

One of the last remaining challenges was completing the original Dark Souls without taking a single bit of damage while beating every boss, including those found in the downloadable content (DLC) Artorias of the Abyss.

Squillakilla is an accomplished veteran, having been among the first few to tackle such endeavours. He has even beaten the ‘Trilogy Run’ which entails conquering Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 without taking a hit.

A no-damage run is a variation on the challenge, but with a twist. In a no-hit run players are allowed to take ‘fall damage’ (falling off a cliff, for example), but they cannot take a hit from an enemy. This includes blocking attacks with a shield, since it counts as a hit but the damage is absorbed rather than taken away from the player’s health bar.

A no-damage run is exactly as it sounds, the runner cannot take a single piece of damage throughout the entire run.

Several days ago, Squillakilla completed the original Dark Souls beating every boss without losing any portion of his life bar – setting a world record in the process.


His next stream was just as entertaining, as he tried to beat Dark Souls without levelling his character and only using one hand on his controller.

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