Super Mario voice actor to narrate Netflix documentary on video game history

Super Mario voice actor to narrate Netflix documentary on video game history

7th August 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Netflix will soon be releasing a documentary about the history of video games and it will be narrated by the voice actor of Super Mario.

High Score will detail the rise of the classics – such as Pac Man and Doom – to show how developers pushed boundaries to create a multi-billion dollar industry.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary was animated in 16-bit graphics and contained countless references to some of the most beloved titles in video game history.

The sequence begins with a quarter being dropped into an arcade machine before the viewer is taken on a journey through many classic titles released across several decades.

The actual characters and games themselves do not appear – presumably for legal reasons – though the references are obvious enough for any fan to realise what they are.

If High Score’s trailer wasn’t enough to get gaming enthusiasts excited, Super Mario voice actor Charles Martinet will also be narrating the show.

The official synopsis for the Netflix documentary is as follows:

“High Score is a documentary series about the golden age of video games, when legends – from Pac-Man to Doom – were brought to life.

“Through ingenuity and sheer force of will, computer pioneers and visionary artists from around the globe spawned the iconic worlds of Space Invaders, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Madden NFL, and beyond.

“Without rules or roadmaps, players and innovators alike pushed the limits of money to be made, rivals to be crushed, and hearts to be won.

“This is the story of the brains behind the pixels and how their unmatched innovation built a multi-billion dollar industry – almost by accident.”

All six episodes of High Score will be available to watch on Netflix on August 19, 2020.

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