Two ex-military brothers open gaming cinema in Plymouth

Two ex-military brothers open gaming cinema in Plymouth

5th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Two brothers who were medically discharged from the military have opened up a gaming cinema in Plymouth.

According to the Plymouth Herald, the duo came up with the idea along with a fellow employee.

Greg Simmons, 33, retrained as an electrician while his younger brother Huey, 23, was formerly a mechanic in the military before injuring one of his arms when it got caught in a tank engine.

Upon returning to Plymouth, Huey struggled to continue life as a mechanic following his injury. He later joined his brother’s electrical installation company.

The cinema was initially a showroom where people could see what could be installed in their homes. It is host to seven cinema seats.

The brothers – along with fellow electrician Rob Kennedy – soon came to realise that the space was going to waste.

Before long, the trio came up with the idea of transforming the former showroom into a gaming cinema.

The brothers admit they aren’t the biggest gaming enthusiasts, but Rob is an avid fan.

Previously, the two ex-military men would host rugby or football nights showing Sky Sports on the big screen. They have now decided to use a PlayStation there as well.

The space is quickly becoming a popular spot in Plymouth, with the venue being used for children’s parties among other things.

It boasts a PlayStation 4 and a 4K projector, and alongside the seats there is also room for beanbags.

The gaming cinema will be used for several charity events including a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for DKMS, a blood cancer charity. The team will also be running charity events for a cause they are all too familiar with – Help for Heroes.

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