Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs and Far Cry-inspired TV shows

Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs and Far Cry-inspired TV shows

12th October 2019 1 By Jordan Heal

Ubisoft has announced its intentions to further expand its business into the world of TV with two shows inspired by Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3.

Both franchises are notoriously violent and it is believed that the publisher will be toning down the unsavoury themes to account for younger audiences.

The Paris-based company’s TV and film branch has already been working on numerous animated series based on or inspired by its existing IPs.

According to the Hollywood Reporter it is now looking to expand beyond children-orientated content to television more suitable for ‘tweens’.

One such program will be based on the mature rated Watch Dogs action-adventure franchise which promises to offer ‘cybermystery’.

It will be based around a teenager who has “super hacking” abilities and solves crimes in her high school.

“To clarify, the animated television show involving hacking is inspired by the themes and ideas of the Watch Dogs brand but it is not set in the same universe or tied to it directly,” Ubisoft notes.

Elsewhere, it will also be partnering with Netflix’s Castlevania producer Adi Shankar to create a young-adult series entitled Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe.

Fans of Far Cry 3 will no doubt recall that the title had an expansion known as Blood Dragon, which serves as inspiration for the show.

The series will help form a multiverse with other Ubisoft TV shows – which suggests more adaptations could well be on the way from the French publisher.

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