Apple Arcade ready for lift off with sequel to ChuChu Rocket!

Apple Arcade ready for lift off with sequel to ChuChu Rocket!

13th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

SEGA Games has announced it will finally be releasing a sequel to ChuChu Rocket! to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast.

The well-loved Dreamcast console was released little more than two decades ago, and to celebrate its anniversary SEGA have announced a sequel to one of its most popular titles, ChuChu Rocket!

The sequel will be called ChuChu Rocket! Universe and while it will boast a fresh storyline, the player’s objective remains unchanged – help all the ChuChus escape by placing directional arrows that lead them back to their space rockets.

The player’s objective during multiplayer is to aid more ChuChus escape than their opponents.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe will be available exclusively to Apple Arcade owners. Apple Arcade is a collection of mobile games available on a monthly subscription basis.

The game has been transformed into three-dimensional worlds which will add new creative dynamics when solving puzzles. Alongside this, new mechanisms such as switches and teleporters have been implemented.

The main menu will even have its own mini-game, the player will be able to fly their rocket from one planet to another and from one constellation to the next.

For fans of the original, the KapuKapus are still the ChuChus sworn enemies and, according to a SEGA spokesman, the “online multiplayer mode will still make you want to destroy everything in your room and blockchain your friends for life”.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe is being developed by HARDlight, a SEGA studio located in Royal Leamington Spa, UK. It will be joining Sonic Racing – another SEGA title – when Apple Arcade launches.

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