Google launches mobile gaming subscription to rival Apple Arcade

Google launches mobile gaming subscription to rival Apple Arcade

30th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Google is launching its own mobile gaming subscription to rival the newly-launched Apple Arcade.

The service will be called Google Play Pass and will provide Android users with access to more than 350 apps and games that are not plagued by advertisements, in-app purchases and upfront payments.

The news was reported by CNN who note how just days after Apple Arcade launched, Google will be introducing its own monthly subscription service.

Google Play Pass will cost $4.99 per month, which is the same price as Apple Arcade.

However, the services on offer both by Google and Apple will differ.

Apple Arcade provides iOS users with more than 100 exclusive games while the Google Play Pass will be offering Android users with apps and games already available on the Google Play service. This includes Facetune and Stardew Valley.

Both companies have reportedly said that they will be adding new games and apps to their respective services each month.

Google will also be offering a free 10-day trial and a promotional launch price of $1.99 per month for a year. This promotional offer will only be available to users who sign-up and purchase before October 10.

Subscriptions will not be limited to one person either, it can be shared with up to five family members and will be available in the US first before being rolled out to other countries.

Google also disclosed that Play Pass usage will be monitored to track how much developers earn, as well as to inform them how much people are using their apps and games. It has also said that it will not be sharing personal or individual usage information.

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