Hit TV comedy Archer coming to mobile

Hit TV comedy Archer coming to mobile

17th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

FX’s adult animated sitcom Archer is set to be transformed into a mobile game with a cryptocurrency twist.

The hit comedy recently enjoyed its 10th outing on the FX network and for those fans eager for more content before the next season, it will now be coming to iOS and Android devices.

Called Archer: Danger Phone, It will be a collaboration between FoxNext Games and developer Disruptor Beam.

Players will be taken inside the fictional world and experience the highly dysfunctional characters and their banter first-hand.

The game promises the chance to both experience classic storylines as well as new, original ones exclusive to the mobile title.

The setting features a world plunged into chaos with a failing economy with the only way to survive being to “lead your team of hapless spies in a global cryptocurrency operation that’s just crazy enough to work”.

The player will be tasked with sending characters such as Archer, Lana and Krieger on “super secret missions”.

While others, such as Pam, will be hosting fight clubs with ‘hobos’ to amass large quantities of “cryptocurrencies and illicit substances”.

There is no confirmed release date for when Archer: Danger Phone will be available, but it is teased as being soon.

Details surrounding the title make it abundantly clear the focus will be on cryptocurrency, though it remains uncertain if this is purely thematic or whether crypto and blockchain technology will be used to support it.

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