Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and Melody of Memory release dates announced

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and Melody of Memory release dates announced

17th June 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Developer Square Enix has finally unveiled the release date for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, alongside another new game called ‘Melody of Memory’.

The former is another mobile title that continues on from Union X while detailing how Young Xehanort became the Seeker of Darkness.

There is little gameplay footage available just yet, though it seems to be utilising a card-based system, similar to the one found in Chain of Memories and several mini games throughout the series.

Fans who have played every entry will be well aware that prior to the events of Birth by Sleep, Xehanort recruited Ventus as his apprentice.

At the time, they were unaware that the young keyblade wielder was once a Union Leader. However, his story arc has been a pivotal component in the Union X narrative.

As such, it would make sense for Young Xehanort to find Ventus at the end of Union X, or at some point during Dark Road.

While the upcoming mobile game has been known for sometime, Square Enix recently shed light on a brand new spin-off for the Kingdom Hearts series.

Unfortunately, it is not going to be a traditional action role-playing game (RPG), but rather a rhythm-based experience.

This isn’t what fans were expecting, though it also isn’t entirely surprising given how well composed the music in the franchise is, alongside the fact that Square Enix once developed a similar game for the Final Fantasy series.

The trailer for Melody of Memory showcased how players will fight enemies by correctly pressing the right button while matching a song’s rhythm.

However, the latter half of the trailer was heavily focused on Kairi and it seems to corroborate fan speculation that she will be central to finding Sora.

In particular, Ienzo – formerly known as Zexion during his time in Organisation XIII – analyses her brain while she is asleep and suggests she may be the key to finding the hero.

Given how prominent the Sleeping Worlds have been in the past in Dream Drop Distance, this could be a focus for Kairi’s story.

Though, the latest trailer does not provide any indication either way on this.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is set to launch – presumably just for Japan – on June 22, 2020 while Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will release for consoles at the end of the year.

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