Nintendo’s mobile games exceed $1bn in revenue

Nintendo’s mobile games exceed $1bn in revenue

31st January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Nintendo’s mobile games have cumulatively earned an eye-watering $1 billion through players spending money on in-app purchases.

The bulk of this revenue comes from Fire Emblem Heroes which itself has netted the company $656 million since its launch in 2017. The title has earned more for the entertainment giant than the rest of its mobile titles combined.

Like most video games these days, it offers its own version of loot boxes and microtransactions, but whereas some like Fortnite offer players the opportunity to buy character skins for money, Fire Emblem only offers a random chance at everything.

This makes it more akin to FIFA Ultimate Team packs where users pay money without knowing what they will receive in return.

To prevent interest waning developer Intelligent Systems continuously adds new, stronger characters which in turn ensures its player base keeps spending.

Fire Emblem Heroes accounts for 61% of its mobile revenue with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost holding 12% and 11% respectively, reports Sensor Tower.

Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming was with Super Mario Run for an upfront, one-time cost of $9.99.

Despite it being downloaded 200 million times, the company said it had not reached an “acceptable profit point“.

Following in the footsteps of its most successful mobile game, it decided to emulate the same formula with Mario Kart Tour – a title which has already surpassed the revenue of Run and was the most downloaded iOS game in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, the market in which it has been most successful is its home nation Japan where it has earned $581 million while the US comes in at second at $316 million.

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