Pokémon Masters nets $26 million in first week

Pokémon Masters nets $26 million in first week

10th September 2019 2 By Jordan Heal

Pokémon Masters – the latest Pokémon mobile game – managed to exceed more than $25 million in revenue during its first week.

It has been a little more than week since Pokémon Masters launched, becoming the second best performing mobile release for the franchise. The data was shared by Sensor Tower on its website.

Pokémon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android devices. It has been both developed and published by DeNA.

It is set on the artificial island of Pasio and enables players to challenge a wide array of Pokémon trainers from the franchise’s core games.

According to Sensor Tower, Pokémon Masters has generated roughly $26 million in revenue in its first week.

It still pales in comparison against Pokémon Go which generated a remarkable $56 million during its opening week. However, the third best performing mobile release was Pokémon Quest which only garnered $3 million in revenue throughout its debut week.

This means Pokémon Masters earned nearly nine times more in revenue than Quest did within their respective opening weeks.

As per the data, players in Japan contributed the largest percentage of the game’s revenue, spending roughly $16 million.

Nearly $4.5 million was contributed from players in the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and France, which totalled the remainder of the title’s top five markets during week one.

The game managed to rank itself as the number 10 grossing mobile app for the week of August 26 while it ranked number nine for all mobile games.

Pokémon Masters might not quite encapsulate the same success Pokémon Go did, but it has certainly hit the ground running.

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