TikTok creator wants to dominate mobile gaming market

TikTok creator wants to dominate mobile gaming market

23rd January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

TikTok creator ByteDance has declared its intentions to dominate the mobile gaming market as it looks to release a series of games this year.

Its social media app has effectively taken over teen’s worlds across the globe, beginning as a viral trend before becoming a fully-fledged phenomenon.

Its predominantly used for creating short lip-synchronised videos showcasing the user’s comedy and talent. The app replaced the void left by Vine, which likewise blew up all over the internet.

Dominating social media seems far from the end goal for ByteDance which intends to break into the mobile gaming industry as well.

Its multiple studios have poached talent from rival developers alongside purchasing ‘exclusive’ title distribution rights.

It is believed it now has more than 1,000 people hired in its ranks with the first two games anticipated for a spring release – both of which remain unnamed at this time.

An analyst focused on researching the Asian games market at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad told Bloomberg: “Having fully established itself as a leader in short video with over one billion users across its apps, ByteDance is now building multiple game studios by acquiring experienced game developers and talent.

“Its massive global user base and investment in gaming could make it a big disruptor in the gaming space this year.”

While it is known the TikTok creator has snapped up a multitude of talent, it is not yet clear who has been acquired by ByteDance nor has any indication on its forthcoming mobile games been revealed.

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