Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch

13th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Classic Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are being revived and making their long-awaited comeback via the Nintendo Switch.

The news has caused a buzz within the fandom, particularly since the announcement has arrived so soon after the release of Sword and Shield and even more so when considering ‘Sleep’ is also due this year.

Recently, the Pokémon Company hosted its latest instalment of ‘Pokémon Direct’.

This was a slight spin on Nintendo Direct, where the company breaks news about the future of its games, though this time it was laser-focused on Pokémon.

There were two notable announcements with the first being an expansion for the games released at the end of 2019.

Prior to their releases, the community caused a ruckus with #GameFreakLied trending on social media for longer than most hashtags.

Many were bitter with the developer’s decision to cut many of everyone’s favourite pocket monsters from the Pokédex.

Now, 200 of them will be returning alongside two new adventures ‘The Isle of Armour’ and ‘The Crown Tundra’.

The second piece of news that sparked joy was none other than the return of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

The first game released under that name debuted back in 2006 for the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. It introduced a unique spin on the entire franchise.

Rather than catching and training the pocket monsters to become the very best, the player wakes up as one. They are then tasked with recruiting fellow Pokémon to stop the natural disasters plaguing the world around them.

You choose your character from one of 16 different Pokémon and take jobs to earn ‘rescue points’ and upon gathering enough, you will then be sent to mystery dungeons which are inhabited by enemies.

The Nintendo Switch comeback will be titled ‘Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX’ and a free demo has already been released on the Nintendo eShop, with the full release set for the coming months.

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