Streamer blames World of Warcraft for not cleaning in 14 years

Streamer blames World of Warcraft for not cleaning in 14 years

16th September 2019 0 By Darren Parkin

A gamer who lived in a room of maggot-infested filth for 14 years before finally cleaning his home has admitted to slipping back into disgusting habits – and he blames World of Warcraft!

Earlier this year, popular Twitch streamer ‘Jaegerrmeister’ caved in to online pleas to clean up his apartment after he confessed to not keeping up with domestic chores since first moving there in 2005.

Live-streaming the clean-up, he discovered a decade-old slice of pizza, mouldy sandwiches and a bag crawling with maggots before visibly retching as he retrieved an old bottle of urine from under his desk.

Gamer filth clean up

The gamer exposes the floor he hadn’t seen in 14 years

To cheers and messages of encouragement, the vile mess was begrudgingly tackled and he proudly showed off images of the floor he hadn’t seen for almost 14 years.

However, the computer game enthusiast’s revolting bad habits have returned after he admitted over the weekend to allowing his attention to hygiene slip once more.

Curiously, the grimy gamer is pointing the finger of blame directly at World of Warcraft – a title he has been addicted to since it launched 15 years ago.

While streaming some of his gameplay from the fantasy multiplayer, one viewer enquired if his room had remained clean and tidy.

After much prompting and various attempts to dodge the questioning, Jaegerrmeister finally caved in with an embarrassed confession.

“‘Let’s see the room?’ Hey, you don’t want to see the room,” he laughed, nervously.

“You can clean the room, you can’t clean the lifestyle dude. I got back on this classic WoW (World of Warcraft) – dude, my room absolutely went to hell, I’m going to be honest.

“‘Let’s see it?’ Son, you don’t want to see it.”

Flthy gamer

More filth from the gamer’s home

Eventually, he offers a glimpse of the garbage-filled squalor before temporarily recognising the potential for a repeat of the thousands of views his previous domestic endeavours had garnered.

“Dude! More content, I get to clean my room on-stream again, hooray,” he shouted.

“Actually, I don’t think I’m going to clean my room on-stream again, to be honest.”

Rubbish piled high

Rubbish piled high

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