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A gathering of some of the greatest talent in their chosen field, carefully assembled to make The eGaming Desk the very best news and information website serving the global gaming and eSports community. This is our team…

Jordan has been a life-long fan of video games with his childhood infatuation beginning with Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Mega Drive.

Having played games non-stop throughout his life, there is nothing he loves more than discussing all the latest releases and revelling in the nostalgia of the classics.
His favourite genre is fantasy role-playing games, though by no means does this mean he isn’t enthralled by countless other genres ranging from JRPGs, shooters and sport games.
Having begun his career as a crypto writer, he became immediately obsessed with bringing to light the emerging blockchain gaming industry and he is excited to see how the industry evolves and where it goes next.

With a keen passion for writing and an unwavering love for video games, Jordan is extremely excited to be part of the ever booming and thriving industry of gaming.

Jordan Heal  //  Senior Writer - @Jordan_EGD

Shannon is a retro gamer and prefers the old-school SEGA consoles to play classics like ToeJam and Earl. As part of the EGD team, she monitors the latest trends, questions, and topics that are hitting the gaming industry, helping to keep readers up-to-date with relevant content.

Shannon Greaney  //  Content Manager - @Shannoniganx

Whether it's paid ads, social media, copywriting or liaising with popular events, Emma is a well-rounded digital marketing executive who helps to build and grow eGamingDesk. She enjoys writing about the latest gaming trends and playing Mario Kart in her spare time.

Emma Thompson  //  Marketing Exec - @emthompsonnnn

Rick has over 13 years experience in digital marketing and web design and has previously owned and ran a small marketing agency based in Nottingham. With a strong background in SEO, PPC marketing Richard works with the eGaming Desk team to help grow and build a great community of gamers and esports enthusiasts. A huge fan of  gaming ranging from the days of Altered Beast & Revenge of Shinobi on the Amiga to GTA 5 and open world games.

Rick Bagshaw  //  Marketing Manager - @RichardBagshaw