Apex Legends announces eSports tournament for PC

Apex Legends announces eSports tournament for PC

20th December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Popular free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends has announced its ‘Global Series’ – a new 12-event eSports tournament.

Respawn’s answer to Fornite was released back in February and it took the world by storm, having garnered millions and millions of players in less than a year.

The series will boast online and live events for PC players who will be competing for a prize of more than $3 million. It will be split into 12 different global events with the first set to commence in late January.

Each one will either be operated by Electronic Arts (EA), Respawn or produced by notable eSports tournament organisers PGL and GLL.

Battlefy will be powering the online competitions with registration opening early in January.

Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment, has said: “Competition is at the heart of Apex Legends. We expect that eSports will play a big role in the future of Apex Legends and it all starts here, with the Apex Legends Global Series.

“We look froward to seeing who, out of our millions of players, will become the true legends of the arena.”

Residents from more than 60 eligible countries who meet the minimum age, PC system requirements and other eligibility requirements will be allowed to compete.

It will begin with online competition – with players potentially advancing to live, regional challenger events and global premier events – but those vying for a spot in the ‘Majors’ will need to earn ‘Apex Legends Global Series Points’ for their performance online and certain live events.

Those who stand firmly at the top will then be invited to the four ‘Majors’, which is the highest tier in the events.

The first three ‘Majors’ will feature 100 three-player squads with the fourth being the grand finale – of which only the top 60 three-player squads will be partaking.

The four Majors will follow a ‘Match Point’ format which requires teams in the finals to reach a point threshold through a combination of both match placement and accumulated kills.

The first Global Series competition begins on January 25, 2020 with registration opening early in January. It is PC exclusive with no word on whether console players will have their own Global Series.

Respawn and EA have been contacted for a comment on possible console tournaments by eGaming Desk, but no response has yet to be received.

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