Popular ‘Fairy Tail’ to be adapted into a JRPG

Popular ‘Fairy Tail’ to be adapted into a JRPG

8th September 2019 2 By Jordan Heal

Koei Tecmo Europe has announced a new Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) ‘Fairy Tail’ based on the popular manga and anime show of the same name.

Koei Tecmo Europe’s Twitter page tweeted out the announcement writing: “Koei Tecmo Europe is excited to reveal Fairy Tail, a brand new magical JRPG in development by GUST Studios, based on the best-selling Japanese manga of the same by Hiro Mashima.”

At present it is not yet known whether the game will follow the story of either the manga or anime, or if it will have its own unique narrative.

Koei Tecmo also released a press release on the news. It details how this will be the first time a Fairy Tail game launches on a major console in the Western world.

Players will embark on a series of adventures following protagonists Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia alongside other members of the Fairy Tail mage guild.

GUST studios is developing the game under the guidance of Hiro Mashima. This should bring fans of the manga some ease, knowing the author himself will be overseeing the project and ensuring it is a faithful recreation.

Details for the Fairy Tail JRPG are still sparse, though the press release does tease that additional information will be unveiled at this week’s Tokyo Game Show.

Fairly Tail is set to be released for the PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch and PC platforms in 2020.

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