Three PC gaming clients that rival Steam

Three PC gaming clients that rival Steam

6th September 2019 0 By Shannon Greaney

Steam was launched as a video game digital distribution platform and has since become one of the leading PC gaming clients. This is largely because it delivers a safe space for gamers to play, discuss and even create games. Many of its features have created a loyal following, such as access to exclusive deals, prices, and even expansion packs. 

Although Steam owns the largest percent of market space, there are plenty of alternative PC gaming clients available. In this article, we take a look at the top three that you might want to consider using. 


Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), this is one of the most popular gaming clients to rival Steam. For those wishing to play Battlefield or FIFA, Origin is a necessary download. But since then, it has developed its own strengths. 

One of the best features of the Origin platform is the subscription service it offers. By paying a monthly amount – ranging from £3.99 to £89.99 a year based on the premium of the chosen package – players can access a library of more than 170 EA games. The most recent and biggest releases are often excluded, but gamers can still access favourites such as The Sims, Madden NFL 20, and Need for Speed. 

Although EA games are the big sell for this gaming client, Origin has been careful not to entirely exclude other users. That’s why gamers can access a range of pre-orders, titles such as Assassin’s Creed and even nostalgia titles such as Theme Hospital. 

Green Man Gaming

Some PC gaming clients focus specifically on indie releases and Green Man Gaming is one of the most successful. It has customers in more than 190 countries and is a global company that supports indies in everything from marketing to game data tracking.  

Green Man Gaming stocks a huge catalogue of multi-platform digital games and boasts a community-based platform. Gamers come together for discussion on the latest releases, walk-throughs, and to take advantage of the best prices available on the market. Green Man Gaming also helps gamers to follow others through its Twitch feature. 

Green Man Gaming supports PC, VR and Nintendo releases in addition to indie releases. Some of the more independent titles that can be accessed include Silver Chains and Sundered. 


Gamersgate is one of the longest standing alternative PC gaming clients to Steam. It’s a Sweden-based online video game store that offering electronic strategy guides and games for Windows, OS X, and Linux. It sells titles from a variety of publishers, including EA Games, SEGA and Capcom.

Just like the other alternative PC gaming clients in this article, Gamersgate gives users access to exclusive deals, new titles, pre-orders and a like-minded community. So what makes this platform a bit different? Well, it rewards players for their involvement in the community. 

Known as the Blue Coin currency, gamers can earn rewards by contributing to community reviews or by helping other players with the Game Tutor feature. These rewards can translate into lower priced games and even whole game purchases. 


Steam is the leading platform, but there are plenty of alternative PC gaming clients that you could choose to use. For more pricing options, accessibility to a wider range of catalogues and membership to active communities, don’t forget to look further afield. 

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