Bluepoint Games teases PS5 project will be its proudest ‘achievement’

Bluepoint Games teases PS5 project will be its proudest ‘achievement’

5th December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

While it is no secret Bluepoint Games is hard at work on its highly anticipated project for the PlayStation 5, the name and style of the game itself still remains under wraps.

Having found much success remastering Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then remaking it for the PS4, many are left wondering what the next hit could be.

It has also been praised for remastering the first three Uncharted games dubbing it ‘The Nathan Drake Collection’.

There are several contenders being thrown around – though it could be none of them – with one particular title being Demon’s Souls – a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Earlier this year, From Software mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki gave his blessing for another studio to work on an enhanced version of the now rare video game.

Back in October, eGaming Desk reported on the rumblings that suggested its next venture could well be Demon’s Souls.

Then at the end of November, Bluepoint Games tweeted out a cryptic poem that alluded to multiple potential remasters or remakes.

Depending on which lines of the text you focus on, the resulting speculation can vary.

For instance, “rekindle flames” is highly indicative – though not definitive – of Demon’s Souls.

Considering the poem could reference one of many potential projects however, it still remains unclear what it is.

The studio has received much acclaim for its Shadow of the Colossus endeavours but now it is teasing the mystery game to be the “achievement we’re most proud of”.

During an interview with Segment Next, Bluepoint Games chief Marco Thrush revealed: “The Bluepoint Engine and too set has been in development for many years.

“We have significantly invested in ways that allow our process of remastering or remaking games to be powerful and efficient. It is flexible and able to take advantage of any hardware.”

Unfortunately, further clues that clarify what project is in development are still scarce but considering the hype which has been built by the studio across the last couple of months, its possible it could be unveiled early next year.

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