Death Stranding is a reaction to Trump and Brexit

Death Stranding is a reaction to Trump and Brexit

6th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Hideo Kojima’s hotly anticipated Death Stranding has been revealed as a reaction to US President Donald Trump and Brexit.

The Metal Gear Solid mastermind has said that one of the upcoming title’s core themes centres on the notion of connection – an idea embodied by the main character’s job in the game.

He alludes to how the world lives under a falsehood that we’re connected through the internet and yet “what’s happening is that people are attacking each other because we’re so connected”.

“The era of today is about individualism.”

He continues to reference President Trump building the infamous wall and the UK’s attempt to leave the European Union.

“It feels like there are lots of walls and people only thinking about themselves in the world,” he says.

“In Death Stranding we’re using bridges to represent connection – there are options to use them or break them. It’s about making people think about the meaning of connection,” he tells BBC Newsbeat.

Kojima stresses the message isn’t about targeting any one country, community or demographic but rather to unify everyone once more.

He then discusses how he, like many other gamers throughout the world, is prone to loneliness.

“So, when those people play this game they realise people like them exist all over the world,” he muses.

“Knowing that even though I’m lonely, there are other people like me makes them feel at ease – that’s what I would like them to feel when playing the game.”

Death Stranding is set to hit the shelves on November 8, 2019 and will be available for the PlayStation 4. The PC release is slated for summer 2020.

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