Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind teases more Yozora

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind teases more Yozora

21st January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Kingdom Hearts has been teasing that one of its most intriguing characters – Yozora – could be explored in the upcoming expansion.

The downloadable content (DLC) is called Re Mind and it is set to explore the events that occur after the third numbered instalment.

The base game concludes with the defeat of long-time villain Xehanort but, during the battle, Kairi is killed. Sora then uses the power of waking to rescue her, but ends up erasing himself in the process.

It is expected these events will be detailed in the expansion, but it will also be introducing a main story update that allows the player to take control of characters such as Roxas and Aqua during key boss battles.

In the run up to its release, the Kingdom Hearts Twitter page has been posting teaser photos and suggests Yozora could be heavily featured.

The character is entirely new to the third numbered game and appears during Sora’s time in Toy Box – a world based on the Toy Story franchise.

Within it there is a video game whose protagonist is the mysterious Yozora. He bears a remarkable similarity to Noctis from Final Fantasy XV – and while at first he seems no more than a random addition, the secret clip after the credits suggest otherwise.

The teaser tweet reads “Sora and Kairi are together again in Re Mind… but who’s this other person…!?”

The final photo depicts a character shrouded in darkness and similar in appearance to both Riku – a secondary protagonist in the series – but also Yozora.

If it is the latter, this means it is all but confirmed the mysterious figure will appear in the forthcoming expansion and fans will get to learn more about his role.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind releases worldwide on January 23, 2020.

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