Player sets world record with 50 platinum trophies in 20 hours

Player sets world record with 50 platinum trophies in 20 hours

3rd January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

A popular pastime for many video game players is collecting achievements (Xbox) or trophy hunting (PS4), and now a new world record has been set for the most platinum trophies earned in 20 hours.

To earn a platinum trophy, you must first unlock every other trophy on offer for any select video game. Each one will have varying degrees of difficulty and amount of time needed to unlock them all.

Brian, also known as ‘PS4Trophies’ on YouTube, endeavoured to break the record for the most earned in a set amount of time. He managed to obtain 50 platinums in just 20 hours.

Announcing his achievement, he wrote on Twitter: “So I did a thing over the past 20 hours, where I played to full completion, 50 games and earned 50 platinums. Thought it’d be much easier than it was but with the community really pulled me through and this is dedicated to the.”

He continued: “The games weren’t a challenge but the difficulty was keeping the mental focus to speedrun through the 50 games while having to adjust between top down scrollers, twin stick shooters, side scrollers etc and the control scheme change ups. Muscle memory, focus and adrenaline was the key.”

The games themselves were far from challenging to obtain the platinum trophies, but as Brian has said, the mental effort required to perform above average on 50 games across 20 hours is no easy feat.

While the video has not yet been uploaded – presumably because of the sheer length – he has linked his PlayStation Network (PSN) profile allowing people to freely view the trophies he has earned and how quickly he obtained them.

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