PlayStation 5 might boast a Siri-like voice assistant

PlayStation 5 might boast a Siri-like voice assistant

2nd October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Sony’s upcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 5 could boast a voice assistant that acts much like Siri on iPhone devices.

Video game market analyst Daniel Ahmed took to Twitter to reveal that the global entertainment company has filed a new patent for an “AI powered voice assistant called PlayStation Assist”.

While this could simply just refer to glorified voice commands as seen on the Xbox One, it could also mean that the console will double down as a virtual assistant much like Amazon’s Alexa, with links to other digital devices.

However, more interestingly, Ahmed also suggests that users may be able to input in-game voice queries and the game will dynamically respond.

The example provided is if a player is in dire need of a health pack, they could ask the game for help and it will mark the nearest one on the map.

The possibilities on paper are endless, though there are some obvious conflations.

For instance, while a player may need help defeating an imposing boss, if the game is one where you cannot pause in real time, then the player is likely to die while the AI responds to the query.

One application for the patented PlayStation Assist that would truly see it thrive is in role-playing games.

Much like Ahmed suggests, if the player is lost in a vast world and is in trouble, the assistant should be able to point out the nearest location to rest, heal, or travel without much issue.

The patent was first filed internationally on March 3 before being published on September 26 2019.

While it is interesting to see Sony file for this particular patent, it is far from confirmation that the feature will be used in the next generation console.

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