PS5’s Godfall will have Dark Souls and Destiny influences

PS5’s Godfall will have Dark Souls and Destiny influences

6th April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Counterplay Games’ Godfall – set to be published by Gearbox – has been influenced by the likes of Dark Souls and Destiny.

The original IP is set to debut on Sony’s PlayStation 5 when it launches at the end of the year.

However – with the recent COVID-19 pandemic – it remains to be seen if either will be available on their intended release dates.

The third-person high fantasy role-playing game (RPG) has been described as a “looter-slasher” with additional focus on melee combat.

Godfall was first unveiled at The Game Awards 2019 and immediately people were swift to note the comparisons to both Dark Souls and Destiny.

The former franchise was developed by FromSoftware and is renown for its intuitive combat and gruelling difficulty.

It birthed an entire sub genre with various developers having since attempted to emulate the same formula in a new context.

The latter was created by Halo mastermind Bungie and is one of the most modern examples of a loot-based multiplayer shooter.

Likewise, Monster Hunter: World (MHW) appears to be another prominent influence.

The creators reportedly referenced Capcom’s beloved adventure game during development, as per PSU.

Specifically, and similar to MHW, there will be multiple boss fights which have been designed to be tackled by groups of players, rather than singularly.

Godfall will also reportedly take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) to allow “ultra-fast load times”.

Other details surrounding the upcoming game remain sparse, but it looks set to be an enticing launch title for the PS5.

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