Sony fans are the most loyal of any gaming company

Sony fans are the most loyal of any gaming company

10th April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

It isn’t only the current generation console war Sony has won, the PS4 manufacturer has also cultivated the most loyal fanbase in gaming.

Players are often vocal about their favourite choice of platform to use, though in recent memory it has only ever been a three-legged horse race.

Leading the way – at least based on sales figures – is the PlayStation 4. The other contenders derive from Microsoft and Nintendo fans.

Despite the mass popularity of both the Xbox and the Switch, Sony dominated the current battle.

PC gamers are also among the most vocal, citing the superior graphics and technology for their reasoning.

However, a report compiled by BestSEOCompanies found that the PS4 creator has garnered the most loyal fan base.

Admittedly, it would be difficult to analyse how ‘loyal’ PC players are.

This is largely down to the fact many build their own custom computers, and if they don’t, there are many more options available to them when looking to buy a powerful machine to run their favourite titles on.

As such, it would be hard to categorise how committed they are when there are more brands in the PC gaming space vying to be best.

Whereas, on the console front there is only really Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The survey quizzed more than one thousand people on which brands they were most loyal to.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream companies outside of video games such as McDonald’s, Android and Nike were at the top – joined by PlayStation.

Out of the people surveyed, 40.7% opted for Sony’s console while only 31% and 30.4% respectively chose Xbox and Nintendo.

Meanwhile, 14.7% and 8.6% of respondents chose gaming PCs and laptops – highlighting how difficult it is for companies in that market to cultivate loyal followers.

There are other factors that could play into the low results, such as computer-based gaming being more niche whereas consoles are abundant in most homes.

In any event, these results aren’t too surprising, given Sony’s utter dominance of the market with the PlayStation 4.

However, with the next-generation consoles expected to commence at the end of this year, it remains to be seen who will win the next battle.

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