The Last of Us 2 players will ‘not be ambivalent’ about its story

The Last of Us 2 players will ‘not be ambivalent’ about its story

9th April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

The Last of Us 2 actor Troy Baker has revealed the title will be divisive and urged fans to play it with an open mind.

While his comments have certainly built up some additional hype, developer Naughty Dog recently made the decision to delay the game due to logistical constraints relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first entry to the series debuted back 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and it was met with much acclaim, both critically and commercially.

It detailed the journey of Joel and 14-year-old Ellie as they navigated post-apocalyptic America and survived the onslaught of countless Infected.

It concluded with a riveting twist that forced players to contemplate the morality of the protagonist’s actions.

The shock ending left many reeling for more and while it was hotly debated, apparently the sequel will be incredibly divisive in its own right.

Baker – who portrays Joel – revealed that he was in awe when he spoke with Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann on the project’s story.

“By the end of it, I was silent… Like I was sat at the feet of the greatest storyteller. It was an amazing story.”

“I even learned more about Joel and I’m the guy that walked into [The Last of Us audition] and said ‘I know the truth about Joel!’. I knew his truth back then, but after The Last of Us 2, I know even more of [Joel’s] truth,” he told Fandom.

Baker took care to note that players should approach the second entry to the series with an “open mind”.

“I don’t know whether people are going to like it or if they’re going to hate it, but they definitely will not be ambivalent about it.”

Due to the indefinite delay, the upcoming action adventure title does not currently have a release date.

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