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Superb Outer Worlds escapes orbit of Fallout

Superb Outer Worlds escapes Fallout's orbit

Die-hard Fallout enthusiasts have been looking for their first-person role-playing game (RPG) fix ever since the eye-watering slap in the face that was Fallout 76. Enter The Outer Worlds. The game is developed by Obsidian, which made the Fallout series’ beloved New Vegas, and passion for the franchise shines through – despite not being a […]

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Gears 5 campaign review

eGaming Desk's Gears 5 campaign review

Gears 5 is a welcome return to the Gears of War franchise and it drastically improves on the previous entry with emotional story beats while still expanding the series’ core mechanics. The game has been out for a number of weeks now but with eGaming Desk having just launched, it has taken me some time […]

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