BLIND streamer gets ‘play of the game’ four times on Overwatch

BLIND streamer gets ‘play of the game’ four times on Overwatch

20th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

A blind Twitch streamer dazzled his followers by getting ‘play of the game’ four times while shooting his way through Overwatch.

Known on the streaming site as BlindlyPlayingGames, the gamer was born legally blind as a result of a genetic disease, losing his vision completely in 2014.

He often plays World of Warcraft, which was the final game he had enjoyed before losing his sight five years ago. Weeks after becoming totally sightless, he returned to his beloved World of Warcraft to see if he was still able to play.

To his joy, he was still able to plough through the game with the same skill level he had held just months before, prompting him to write a guide on how to play World of Warcraft as a blind person, which he uploaded to Reddit.

Recently, the inspiring gamer has been tackling popular shoot-em-up Overwatch while relying on a screen reader to dictate messages on his Twitch chat which delivers real-time gameplay instructions.

The effective system saw him land ‘play of the game’ four times while playing as Torbjörn.

In the first clip, he follows instructions provided to him by his chat as he gets a quad kill (eliminating four players at once) using Torbjörn.

The play ended up winning the game for his team and, in the video, you can see the streamer’s surprise and delight as he realises he just sealed the win.

The second and third clips show BlindlyPlayingGames playing more defensively while his teammates attack aggressively and his lava-spewing turret wiped out the final enemy players.

In the fourth and final clip, you can see him casually jump to the right, avoiding an enemy attack before his turret once again mowed down the final member of the opposing team.

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