Broadband caps could be a bottleneck for Google Stadia

Broadband caps could be a bottleneck for Google Stadia

16th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Broadband caps could prove to be a killer blow for Google Stadia, with the upcoming cloud gaming service expected to eat up as much as 15.75 gigabytes (GB) per hour at 4K resolution.

This could prove to be highly problematic since US monthly caps could be as low as 150 GB in many regions. On the flip side, they typically max out at one terabyte (TB), according BroadbandNow.

On average 33 million gamers play 22 hours per week which would see them tear through their data caps at 1.386 GB monthly.

Typically, broadband caps are set at one TB – which is one thousand GB.

These figures assume that people are only using their connections to play on Stadia, meaning other streaming activities such as videos, music and so on are not counted.

Phil Harrison, Google VP, played down any would-be issues regarding broadband caps last June in an interview with GameSpot, saying:

“ISPs (internet service providers) have a strong history of staying ahead of consumer trends and if you look at the history of data caps in those small number of markets… the trend over time, when music streaming and download became popular, especially in the early days when it was not necessarily legitimate, data caps moved up.”

“Then with the evolution of TV and film streaming, data caps moved up, and we expect that will continue to be the case,” he adds.

However Vice has reported that the broadband market has such little competition that there is virtually no incentive leaders to entertain the notion of upgrading the maximum cap.

If users do encounter issues with Stadia their one salvation could be streaming video games at a lower resolution – defeating the entire purpose of it, which is to stream games more effectively or at the very least match the quality of playing them on local hardware.

It will be interesting to see how the product fairs when it launches in November and whether broadband caps will be an issue or not.

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