BT partners with Google Stadia to offer broadband bundles

BT partners with Google Stadia to offer broadband bundles

21st January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

BT has announced a partnership with Google Stadia to offer broadband bundles in a drive to keep the cost of the new platform affordable.

The news comes shortly after the manufacturers pledged to release more than 120 titles in 2020, including 10 exclusives. There are currently only 26 games on offer and, prior to now, Google had only confirmed four releases this year.

The deal means BT will be offering a free Google Stadia premiere edition with broadband deals direct to its customers in the UK.

People who opt for the company’s ‘Superfast Broadband 2’, ‘Ultrafast Fibre 100’ or ‘Ultrafast Fibre 250’ services, will be eligible for the free kit.

The recommended connection for Stadia is at least 35 Mbps to successfully stream in 4K resolution.

Many residents in the UK will be able to access the first package, which offers an average download speed of 67 Mpbs.

This doesn’t guarantee this will be the speed they receive, but it is the most suitable package for the deal.

It’s important for ISP providers to offer these kinds of deals to support Stadia’s demands, particularly when some were predicting broadband caps could be a bottleneck for the product – though, in the UK this would be less of a problem because there aren’t as many caps as there are in the US.

Likewise, Google is also hopeful that, at one point, it will be able to support ‘thousands‘ of players at any one given time. This, once again, highlights the need for adequate internet connections.

In any event, striking a deal with BT is a smart on Google’s end, since it will allow more to try the product alongside the exposure it will gain from the partnership.

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