Google announces its first game development studio

Google announces its first game development studio

25th October 2019 1 By Jordan Heal

Google has announced that it will be establishing its first-ever game development studio – just weeks before the release of Stadia.

The product is aiming to drastically alter the status quo when it comes to streaming video games.

It is believed that it will be able to support “thousands of players at once” and will even have less lag than PC systems within two years.

Critics, however, believe that broadband caps could be a stumbling block for the project.

Jade Raymond, VP and head of Stadia Games & Entertainment, has posted a blog outlining the company’s intentions where she says the studio’s focus will be on producing “exclusive, original content across a diverse portfolio of games”.

Stadia is “designed to be one destination for all the ways people play games” and the Montreal-based company will be where the global behemoth begins building them.

Raymond writes that just as Stadia wants to change the way titles are accessed and experienced by players, Google wants to change the way games are developed.

According to the VP, this begins with changing the company’s ‘culture’.

“Stadia is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace; these diverse perspectives will shape the games we create together,” she said.

While she has announced the creation of the Stadia Games and Entertainment studio, Raymond has not provided any details on what types of games or genres it will develop.

As indicated by the name of the company, it will be focused on creating titles only accessible to Stadia owners and not other platforms.

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