Google Stadia will support ‘thousands’ of players at once

Google Stadia will support ‘thousands’ of players at once

1st October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Google Stadia will be able to support “thousands” of players at once during multiplayer modes, according to the company’s director of gaming.

The upcoming cloud gaming service is a hotly anticipated product that will allow gamers to stream titles directly from the internet onto their screens at home.

Jack Buser, director of games at Google Stadia, recently appeared on the Kinda Funny podcast and made some rather bold claims about the upcoming service.

Buser discussed how battle royale games are a relatively new concept because figuring out how to support 100 or so players at once has often plagued developers.

It requires synchronising each player’s computer or console across the world, each with varying levels of internet stability and connectivity.

One of the claims Buser made is that Stadia will be the “world’s largest LAN party” with “ultra-high bandwidth and super, super stable connections between every person playing”.

Buser also believes Stadia will outperform classic consoles.

“All of these cloud instances are all talking to each other with these very, very robust, high bandwidth pipes,” Buser explains.

“You can imagine multiplayer worlds with like, forget hundreds, thousands of people all running around a playfield together all at the same time, all being rendered on the screen.”

It will be interesting to see whether Buser’s brazen claims will come to fruition when Google Stadia hits the shelves in November. It will initially be available for residents in the UK, US, Europe, and Canada.

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