Twitch mysteriously removes dating profiles

Twitch mysteriously removes dating profiles

18th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Twitch – a streaming site notoriously against suggestive content content – has seemingly removed a number of videos displaying women’s dating profiles on its site.

A recent clip has emerged from a streamer known as GGGuyT which has amassed 20,000 views and counting at the time of writing.

The video shows the man typing ‘liv u’ into Twitch’s search bar function which reveals multiple videos appearing to showcase the profiles of scantily-clad ladies looking for love.

Twitch has been contacted by eGaming Desk for a comment. A response is yet to be received.

Interestingly the videos that appear haven’t been uploaded by one account but rather by several – though it remains unclear whether one person has made all of the accounts or whether they are all different people.

Some of the videos look like they have been available for on-demand watching for nearly a year.

Following the revelation and the traction it has gained, the streaming platform has acted swiftly in removing the videos so they no longer appear when searching ‘liv u’.

Twitch is known for clamping down on sexually explicit material with a number of accounts having been suspended or shut down for alleged provocative content. It has often been criticised for inconsistency with its the bans.

Recently eGaming Desk covered the story about one Chun-Li cosplayer who was banned for ‘sexually suggestive’ attire, despite her being fully clothed and in costume.

Amouranth – a popular ASMR streamer – who has more than a million followers was also recently subject to a suspension.

She is a controversial figure because of her sometimes provocative cosplay endeavours. During one live session with her dog, she appeared to have an accidental wardrobe malfunction which went viral on Reddit. The video was subsequently removed from the platform, though numerous copies still exist on the internet.

The suspensions dished out vary on the severity of violation, though Amouranth was only banned for three days before she appeared on the site once more, despite being exposed on camera when others have been banned for less and for a longer duration.

This is far from the only story regarding the platform’s take-no-prisoners attitude to sexually suggestive content, which begs the question: why have the dating profile videos been around for so long?

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