Facebook to launch a new VR social network

Facebook to launch a new VR social network

9th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Facebook is tipped to launch a new virtual reality (VR) social network called Horizon, set for release sometime in 2020.

The social media giant announced the project during the recent Oculus Connect event.

It will be similar to a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where throngs of people are playing simultaneously.

It will be an ‘interconnected globe’ where players’ avatars can meet up, hang out, play together and design their own environments.

Before stepping into the ever-expanding world of Horizon, users will be able to create their custom characters to express their individuality.

From there they will emerge into a bustling town square which will serve, presumably, as a central hub while the game is continuously updated.

Initially, people will be able to enter into games and spaces designed by Facebook such as the multiplayer aerial experience Wing Strikers.

However, there will be a ‘World Builder’ for individuals to build out their own areas and games which – as the trailer teases – could be a laser tag experience in space.

Prior coding knowledge will not be required to design places and activities which could consist of tropical hangout spots through to interactive action arenas.

The social media behemoth will endeavour to ensure the game features a welcoming environment and will even add in safety tools and human guides to answer questions and provide assistance where needed.

Since Facebook will be focusing its attention on Horizon, it will be closing down Facebook Spaces and Oculus Rooms on October 25.

There has been no concrete release date given for the project other than some time in 2020.

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