AMD showed a fake Xbox Series X render at CES

AMD showed a fake Xbox Series X render at CES

10th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Visitors to this week’s CES event thought they had finally seen the rear of the Xbox Series X, only for the image to be exposed as a fake.

AMD – one of the world’s leading graphics card and computer processor manufacturers – held a press conferenc showcasing what many believed to be the back of the Series X.

The demo portrayed the next-generation console’s ports which, at the time, included two USB-C ports and two HDMI ports.

It has since emerged that AMD used a ‘fake’ render during the conference.

Reports have surfaced suggesting the chipmaker sourced the imagery from TurboSquid and not Microsoft, as originally thought.

The company from which the imagery was taken creates 3D models of products and it would seem someone at AMD took one portraying the upcoming console.

It is a blunder on its part, especially when considering Microsoft itself has yet to reveal the rear of the Series X.

While the ports on the back of the machine are not yet known, it will boast a standard USB-A port on the front of it.

AMD has been contacted by eGaming Desk for a comment, but a response has yet to be received.

The Xbox Series X is set for release at the end of this year.

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