Apex Legends set to raise max level cap to 500

Apex Legends set to raise max level cap to 500

27th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Respawn’s popular Apex Legends battle royale game will be increasing the max level cap from 100 to 500.

The free-to-play title which launched back in February hasn’t quite garnered the same success as rival Fortnite – but it has still taken the world by storm.

Many players quickly reached the maximum level cap of 100 and have been left in no man’s land for more than half of the year.

While at the level cap, they could still earn legends tokens to unlock new characters – though many people in this bracket have more than they can currently spend since new ones are only released with a new season.

Now, hardcore enthusiasts can rank up all the way to 500 while once again netting themselves free Apex packs along the way.

The experience required to reach 100 has also been reduced by 5%. Players already at the highest point will also retroactively receive 14 loot boxes.

The way packs are dished out has also been slightly amended.

Between level two to 20, users will receive one pack per level. Then from 22 through to 300 a pack will be awarded once every two levels. At 305 up to 500 there will then be one pack doled out every five levels.

Additionally, players will earn a ‘player level gun charm’ every 100 levels to further customise their weapons.

In total there are 36 new gun charms added into Apex packs at both the epic and legendary tier; while this will offer people new ways to deck out their weapons, it will also be saturating the loot pool making it marginally more difficult to pack a legendary skin for a character or weapon.

However, it is still a new incentive for packs and for many will be a welcome change to a game which has become slightly stale.

Ultimately, raising the level cap and offering more free loot boxes has long been a desire of fans and while overdue, it should help maintain interest in the game.

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