Former Xbox VP is buying the PS5 and not the Series X

Former Xbox VP is buying the PS5 and not the Series X

11th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Former Xbox executive Mike Ybarra has revealed he will be purchasing the PlayStation 5 over Microsoft’s next-generation console.

The industry veteran was formerly the corporate vice president of gaming at the company and it would seem he departed on good terms, with many praising his work.

His exit was accompanied with the announcement he would be joining Blizzard as executive vice president.

One Twitter user posted a question to his followers, asking them which forthcoming console they would be purchasing. Ybarra replied: “PS5. Will play Xbox exclusives on PC. Wish they were all on PC!”

He is referring to the fact that the majority of, if not all, Xbox titles can be played on gaming computers. This is still beneficial to his former company since he will still be buying all its exclusives anyway.

He does further clarify if all games (PlayStation exclusives, for example) were available on there, that would be his most ideal situation.

This is likely the leading proponent behind his choice of the PS5, because he can then play all new video game releases without worrying about owning multiple systems.

However, some are, understandably, worried that a former high-level exec for Microsoft would publicly reveal he won’t be purchasing the upcoming Xbox Series X in favour of rival Sony’s console.

This is far from confirmation it would be a failure, though. Many gamers who can afford to do so, will prefer to have a high-end PC since they have historically outshone console gaming.

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