Gears 5 rage quitters could be banned for up to two years

Gears 5 rage quitters could be banned for up to two years

16th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Gears 5 online players who frequently quit games when circumstances are not in their favour could soon find themselves banned for up to two years.

So called ‘toxic rage quitters’ have often been the scourge of online multiplayer modes, leaving their teammates in the lurch.

The Coalition – developers behind the hit shooter title – is seeking to address the ever-prominent issue by enforcing stringent punishment on perpetrators.

Initially, forfeiture will be treated lightly, but repeat offences will soon see individuals dealt with severely.

Several days ago it posted a tweet outlining how people who leave games have been receiving bans lasting between a month and even a year.

It then removed the suspensions from players – making prior bans a warning shot – before stating that those who have had suspensions lifted are one quit away from a genuine ban.

This came a day after one player posted a tweet revealing that they had been suspended for 640 days – nearly two years – before Dana Sissons, director of communications, got involved to clarify why.

He revealed that The Coalition had investigated the account and discovered it was owned by a ‘chronic quitter’ who had left 18 out of 21 matches on that day alone.

The news has caused quite the commotion on social media with many people adamant this is the direction forward for mitigating toxic players.

Others were swift to highlight how players will now need to ignore everything else in their life to finish their session or risk being suspended.

People were then quick to counter the argument by suggesting that if you have responsibilities then you should plan when you play online in accordance with life.

Many also shed light on how people who may have to leave a game can join a social match and quit freely, leaving players who want to avoid leavers to join ranked matches.

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