Halo: Infinite rumoured to reboot the entire franchise

Halo: Infinite rumoured to reboot the entire franchise

23rd April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Halo: Infinite’s campaign is rumoured to introduce time travel and subsequently reboot the entire franchise.

The latest instalment is set to coincide with the Xbox Series X’s release. However, it will not be a platform exclusive and it should be available for current-generation owners as well.

Many are still expecting it to truly showcase the next-generation console in all its glory.

Given the mass number of delays in the video games industry, however, it remains to be seen if either will arrive at the end of the year.

Recently, a leak on 4Chan has claimed that Halo: Infinite will boast a 20-hour campaign through its 25 main missions.

It likewise suggested there will be an additional 35 missions that provide a further 15-hours of gameplay.

The same person has reported the iconic Master Chief will be the only playable character throughout the story.

There will be others featured – such as Arbiter, Atriox, Locke and Palmer – who have all held some role or another in the overall narrative before.

Halo: Infinite will supposedly commence after the most recent game, as the Master Chief recovers his beloved AI companion.

The protagonist will then send the recently recovered Cortana back into the past to prevent the galactic civil war from occurring.

It will then reportedly conclude on Reach while the time travel elements will proceed to reboot the entire franchise.

Given the above details appeared on 4Chan and 343 Industries itself has not confirmed anything, the veracity of the leak remains unclear.

As such, until details are officially confirmed, only the developer truly knows what will happen in Infinite.

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