Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S will cost $299

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S will cost $299

8th September 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Xbox has officially announced that it’s smaller next-generation console, Series S, will cost $299 after the model’s price leaked online.

For months now, fans of the of both Microsoft and Sony have been eagerly awaiting news on how much the upcoming systems will cost.

Each company has been coy, seemingly waiting for the other to unveil the pricing for their flagship console first.

However, leaks have since emerged showcasing not only the Series S design, but also the cost for the entry-level console.

Reportedly, the Series X will set people back by $499 while the smaller iteration will be priced at $299.

There will also be a ‘Xbox All Access’ financing option which will cost $35 or $25 per month respectively.

Thurrott’s Brad Sams shared an image of the design for the smaller next-generation system and it looks as though it will be an all-digital version with a large cooling vent on top of it.

Shortly after, the official Xbox Twitter page confirmed the leaks after sharing a picture that showcased the same design and price point for the Series S.

However, Microsoft has still not said how much the Series X will cost but given the accuracy of the recent rumblings, many are expecting it to be in line with the reported $499 figure.

Meanwhile, Sony has remained tight-lipped on the price for its upcoming PlayStation 5 though, with the next-gen consoles due in mere months, it shouldn’t be too long before an announcement is made.

There is still no clear release date for either systems, though the Xbox leaks did claim the Series X and Series S will arrive on November 10, 2020.

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