Microsoft files for renewal of Fable trademark

Microsoft files for renewal of Fable trademark

3rd July 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Microsoft has filed for a renewal of the Fable trademark, prompting some to speculate a new entry to the series might be on the horizon.

The renewal was filed recently, as the tech giant readies itself for its upcoming Xbox Series X event rumoured to be taking place in the third week of July.

While it is not uncommon for publishers to file for trademarks, the latest filing has some interesting points to note.

Firstly, Microsoft filled the form out with “intent to use”, on which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) notes:

“You must show actual use of your mark in commerce by filing documents and paying additional fees within certain time frames before your mark may register.”

In effect, this means Microsoft must use the trademark commercially for the application to remain.

Additionally, there must be sworn statements included in the applications that demonstrates how the filer has “a good faith intention to use the mark in commerce”.

As such, Microsoft may unveil a new Fable game at the rumoured Xbox Series X event, reports PC Invasion.

However, and while UPTSO has accepted the application for examination, the filer can request an extension for up to five times.

This in turn means the trademark can be covered for at least three years, as long as extensions are granted.

It is important to note that the latest filing may be Microsoft extending its current trademark for a sequel to Fable: The Journey.

This would come as a blow to many fans, who have been longing for a fourth main entry to the franchise since the third instalment released back in 2010.

With Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event rumoured to be mere weeks away, it might not be too long before further details are shared in regard to the latest Fable trademark filing.

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