Modern Warfare promises ‘biggest free content drop in CoD history’

Modern Warfare promises ‘biggest free content drop in CoD history’

28th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is teasing the biggest free content drop in its history.

The highly-anticipated first-person shooter, which softly rebooted the most popular games in the franchise, hit the shelves on October 25.

After several years of failing to recapture the magic that was present in the early entries, this title was set to reel in fans both old and new.

It was met with teething issues – such as the highly over-powered 725 shotgun which caused much frustration and awkwardly-timed spawning in certain game modes like ‘headquarters’ and ‘hardpoint’.

Several update patches have been released to remedy these issues while also adding new content like the ‘Krovnik Farmland’ map for ground war and ‘Shoothouse’ for other game types.

Now it has begun teasing its biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history.

Season One is set to begin on December 3 and will introduce two new guns – the Ram-7 and Holger-26.

Alongside this ‘Port’ will be added as the fourth map for ground war plus several new maps for the two-versus-two gunfight game mode.

‘Reinforce’, ‘Gunfight OSP’ and ‘Infected’ are three brand new game types that will be implemented to mix up the multiplayer experience.

The special ops mode will also be receiving a revamp with ‘Bomb Squad’, ‘Grounded’, ‘Pitch Black’ and ‘Just Reward’ with more being teased.

Finally, three classic maps from arguably the greatest game in the franchise’s history will be making a much-anticipated return.

Fan-favourites ‘Vacant’, ‘Crash’ and ‘Shipment’ from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2007 (CoD 4) will be coming back which will no doubt offer up a nostalgic trip back in time for many.

All of the above will be available for free on the same day for all Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players.

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