Rumour: Microsoft to host two Xbox Series X events this year

Rumour: Microsoft to host two Xbox Series X events this year

15th April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Microsoft will be hosting two events dedicated to revealing more information on the Xbox Series X, an insider has claimed.

Much of the world is still in a lock down phase to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

This in turn has led to logistical constraints and forced several developers to delay the release of their video games.

While individual titles have been pushed back, there hasn’t been much discussion on whether the upcoming next-generation consoles will also be affected.

Recently, eGaming Desk reported on how Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, shared his belief that the Series X is unlikely to experience issues related to singular game delays.

Likewise, rival Sony has not shared any plans to halt the release of its flagship PlayStation 5.

Twitter user Timdog – a person who has leaked Microsoft news in the past – has since claimed the Xbox manufacturer will host two events this year.

It will reportedly conduct a showcase in May with an additional Inside Xbox episode set for June. Details on both remain tight-lipped.

Interestingly, he also shed light on how the Series X ‘Lockhart’ – a more affordable iteration of the console – is still in development.

Given E3 has been cancelled this year, it seems probable the Inside Xbox episode is intended to replace Microsoft’s appearance at the major conference.

Though, as to why it has opted to host two events across sequential months remains unknown.

Since Phil Spencer is not anticipating any delays for the next-generation console, it is still expected to launch at the end of this year.

Microsoft has been contacted for a comment by eGaming Desk on the reports, but a response has yet to be received.

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