Xbox Series S seemingly confirmed after controller leaks

Xbox Series S seemingly confirmed after controller leaks

10th August 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

The Xbox Series X controller has leaked and it has possibly revealed another model for the next-generation console known as the ‘Series S’.

The leak itself isn’t too surprising, as rumours about a more affordable but less powerful iteration have been around for some time.

Before now, the rumblings suggested the second model had been developed under the code name ‘Lockhart’.

If the leak is to be believed, it would now seem the official name for the cheaper version will be ‘Series S’.

While it appears real, it is worth noting Microsoft itself has never publicly acknowledged a second system.

Similarly, the leaked controller is entirely white – an option the entertainment giant has also not yet confirmed.

The leak first emerged from a Twitter user who posted several photos of an all-white controller that is compatible with multiple devices.

These included Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS but most notably, the Xbox Series S.

Shortly after, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grub corroborated the leak and said more details on the Series S are set to arrive in the coming weeks.

This itself also lines up with additional information from Eurogamer who suggested Microsoft would be revealing the system at some point during August.

Elsewhere, The Verge managed to obtain other photos of the controller and claimed the leak is genuine after verifying it with Twitter user Zak S who purchased one online.

Given Microsoft is tipped to host a big event this month, it is possible the Series S could be unveiled then.

However, as with all leaks, until there is official confirmation, it remains to be seen if the cheaper model is genuine.

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